Does marketing automation have the best ROI?

Does marketing automation have the best ROI?

I get this asked of me many times over. What is the least expensive way to bring in sales? The answer is simple; sell to your customers. This coincides with the business principle indicating that 80% of your business comes from your existing customers. It’s the easiest way to bring in more revenue because customers are already sold on your goods and services. Furthermore, your return on your investment is usually far greater than selling to a new audience. Marketing automation is an affordable and effective tool that allows you to target existing customers and sell them your products and services. Once that’s in place, relax and let the marketing automation work for you!

Ecommerce Marketing Automation

Ecommerce means a lot of different things, but I want to look at online store or shopping carts and assume you are not a new business. You need to spend some of your marketing budget to get found by web searchers with good SEO and spend money on paid ads to boost your efforts. However, email marketing automation is still the best “bang for your buck” and offers the best return on your investment. Automating your marketing with your website store will help you stay in touch with your customers on a regular basis, keep them informed about related products or services and remind them when they abandon a shopping cart. All this with little effort and cost on your part. Thus this added marketing tool will provide a huge uplift in your online store sales as well as save you time.

Sales CRM Marketing Automation

A business model that uses a sales team requires more than just marketing automation. They require a customer relationship management system known as a CRM, to track leads, opportunities and activities. These also integrate email programs to sync up tasks, calendar events and contacts. These CRM’s integrated with marketing automation provide a combination of sales and marketing now expected from salespeople and organizations. Marketing automation usually includes lead generation forms added to websites, triggered autoresponders from signups, a series of educational emails and email campaigns to promote and communicate with clients. This powerful dual tool can increase sales and improve business relationships with less effort, yet personalize the buyier experience.

What should you do moving forward?

It makes sense to automate your marketing for two great reasons:

  1. Increase your sales revenues
  2. Reduce wasted time on your own efforts

Pick a marketing automation that works for your business model and set it up properly or get it setup for you. Put it to use to get the sales you require and to save your time. All business owners need to take a breather. Let the automation do the work..


Learn how nonprofits can do free marketing

Learn how nonprofits can do free marketing

Free marketing for nonprofits sounds too good to be true, but every word I say is a good as the gospel. Most of the big names in marketing have a heart for registered charities and want to help them out. So if you are on the board or the chairman of a local charity, you should never have to pay for marketing services. I know as an owner of a few marketing firms, I send nonprofits this direction first as a contribution of my own. We even pick a charity a year to donate to and support their great efforts for our communities. Most good firms will even provide free consulting to aid charities.

Google for Nonprofits

You’re registered charity should be able to raise funds easier, collaborate with board members and volunteers more effectively and share your cause with a broader audience. Take your mission much further with the right management tools and a cost your budget can afford. But how? Google offers charities G Suite that includes domain email, drive for document processing, backup, storage and collaboration. You can even use Google sites to create a free website.To promote your charity and expand your reach, Google Adwords grants can boost your efforts. YouTube donor cards can be added to your video for direct donations to help your fundraising. Donors need to know that 100% of funds go toward furthering your mission, so with Google ONE, there are no transaction fees and they have automatic receipting. Even Google premium maps keep sensitive data internal by displaying valuable community or donor locations. Get started today.

Google My Business

To get your charity found locally, set up a Google My Business account and get verified. Why? Besides getting found by local searches, it allows the creation of a free single page website and posting for events or your Google Adwords. Start now


Use their free services for both email campaigns for lists with subscribers up to 2000 and unlimited use for marketing automation. Keep track of your donors with signups. Send funding campaigns for request to donors or keep them in the know with recent efforts. Keep volunteers in the know on a regular basis in a legal manner. To keep up with your efforts, new marketing automation can trigger a series of education emails to signups and send branded thankyous or reminders from your website. Should you need to expand your subscribers, they do offer a non profit discount. Subscribe for free today.


Set up your Facebook Page for your charity. Regular postings, blogs, photos and video will increase your online presence. I would also suggest a Twitter profile and Instagram profile as well.  Get set up now.


Create a logo and design it yourself by using Vistaprint free online logo maker. It costs nothing to design it with only a small fee if you want to download it. You can also get affordable business cards, print materials and clothing. Taking it one step further, your organization can even get a 25% discount  using their basic membership program. Start now

Why am I revealing all this free stuff for nonprofits? Most nonprofits are volunteer hours by dedicated individuals who are passionate about their cause. Their share their areas of expertise so why wouldn’t I do the same?  

Google Plus or Google My Business- what’s the difference?

Google Plus or Google My Business- what’s the difference?

There are always changes in local SEO services with Google and Facebook. Recently there has been some Google services changes and additions that you should be aware of and how they might affect your online presence. There has been some confusion between Google Plus and Google My Business. So why do you need these free online services from Google, which ones are right for your business type and what do they do to help your business?

Google Plus (Google+)

This is Google’s social media page which is similar to Facebook and allows share links, videos, pictures, and other content with people who share your interests. Having a Google+ Page is good for online recognition and it helps with your SEO rankings as it’s tied into Google’s search engine. So if your business model doesn’t have a physical location and requires an online brand presence, then this tool should be set up.

Google My Business (GMB)

This online marketing tool allows your customers to find your business locally by providing mapping, hours of operation, photos and reviews of your business. GMB is really designed for businesses that have a physical location, but you can add a home-based business or services business too. GMB will help your business rank better with local searches and provide insights of the results. Recently a basic web page, promotional posting has been added and Google Adwords Express will now display ads for increased exposure.


Google My Business is a dashboard that allows you to see different kinds of information that relates to how your business is found on Google. Google Plus is a social network that allows you to more closely connect with your online visitors. Most businesses are aware of one or both of these Google tools, but the industry has changed over the years.

This summer might be a good time to set up these services and integrate them with your current online marketing efforts. Start by getting a Google account if you don’t have one, then set up Google My Business to get found by local searchers or Google Plus Page to engage people interested in your type of business or nonprofit.

Canadian Small Business – Happy 150th Anniversary

Canadian Small Business – Happy 150th Anniversary

Not only do I wish you Happy Canada Day, but as a proud Canadian, I want to take the opportunity to wish Canada a happy 150 years of being a nation. Keeping with the Canada’s birthday eh, I’d like to contribute some recent Canadian stats about websites and online marketing:

Top Canadian Marketing Factoid

  • 49% of small businesses have websites
  • 91% of websites are not mobile friendly
  • 85% of people search the web for businesses
  • 87% won’t consider a business with low ratings
  • Number one complaint is websites are not current
  • The most popular website platform is WordPress
  • Most small business websites have partial or poor SEO

Keeping those stats in mind, the next paragraph explains how business Canadian business owner markets their business. It’s unwrapping all those stats like unwrapping birthday presents.

What do Canadian small businesses need today?

Before any design or marketing is done, branding and identity must begin with a well designed one-of-a-kind logo. Once that’s, in place, a mobile responsive website should be designed. It should be clean and simple with a clear message and good quality photos. To support your website, branded social media pages need to be created and integrated as well. Adding video or an animated explainer video is always a great idea providing more engaging media. It’s like blowing out 150 candles if you will – a wow factor!

A website not found by searchers is simply web waste. Therefore, websites must include organic SEO settings to get found by searchers. To boost search results and ranking, pay per click advertising with Google Adwords is recommended for more instant SEO results. Regular postings with blogging and posting in social media pages, will also improve business ranking with searchers.

The most effective marketing with the best ROI starts by reaching out to existing customers with email marketing campaigns. Along with this, triggered email automation sending a single or series of emails based on customer interactions is recommended. Marketing automation can increase lead generation, thereby reducing a marketing team’s time and improving the selling process blending sales CRM and marketing efforts.

Oh Canada!

There’s nothing greater than being a Canadian. So what does that mean for Canadian businesses? It means it’s time to create a mobile responsive website, have proper SEO settings to get found and acquire current up-to-date content. Using the website as a hub, marketing stays current with automation. It’s kinda like Canada’s birthday – 150 years in 2017 is up-to-date. Happy Birthday Canada – God keep our land glorious and free!

Pay per click advertising is not child’s play

Pay per click advertising is not child’s play

Most of us are aware the new way of promoting your products, services or brand today requires organic SEO to make sure you’re found. However, the red bull of getting found instantly is PPC (pay per click) advertising and the king of ads, Google Adwords. Having said that, from my experience, due to the complexity of the set up, PPC programs are not child’s play. Using marketing skills like copy-writing, consistency and the time required for adjustments, most small business are best to use a trained marketing agency for the best ROI. Why waste your ad budget dollars? However, I want to address common questions, explain a few terms and provide a few advertising tips for all those DYI small business owners and partners.

Why Google Adwords?

  1. To attract more customers to your website, increase your online sales, keep the phones ringing and bring customers in your business.
  2. To reach out to the right people at the right time getting your business found exactly when customers are searching for your products or services.
  3. To promote locally, nationally or globally, targeting your customers in specific locations or within a radius around your business.

What’s the difference between Adwords and Adwords Express?

A brief overview comparison shows many of the features are the same. On the other hand, Adwords express is easier to understand and set up for small business owners. Both are on a pay per click basis and show ads on Google search, maps and other related sites. Both are shown on mobiles and can target ads geographically, but here is where they differ: Adwords will work with other ad formats like video and mobile apps. Adwords Express offers an easy solution without a website and provide an automated management system.

Types of Adwords

Right now there are four basic categories of search: display, video and mobile ads. This has been increased from one category over the past few years and has been reduced from five last year. Search ads appear next to Google search results when people look for products and services. Display ads are like Facebook ads reaching people across all types of devices to over two million websites. Most of us have seen video ads as we watch YouTube. These types are only relevant ads targeted to the right people. Businesses only pay when they are viewed by the reader so your business doesn’t waste money. Finally, app type of ads gets your mobile app in front of the right audience to promote to iOS or Android smartphone users.

Keys areas to make your ads successful

Copy-writing– since ads are based on ad copy-writing, using the right combination of words and phrases are required for success. You must make your questions and statements in concise short phrases to be effective.

Keywords – take the time to select the right keywords or phrases that your customers use in your target area. This can be a daunting task, but Google has some tools to use or Adwords Express has some automation tools to scan your website for them.

Ad Budgets – this task as well can make or break the bank. Since it’s a bidding process, setting up your keywords bid amount needs to come close to your competition’s bids. There are help tools for those from Google, but learning to do it well can be challenging at best.

Landing Pages – without a hidden landing page built into your website, your Adwords no matter how well written, will not convert your “clicks into cash”. Your ad budget needs the best ROI to make sense, so make sure time is spent on a good marketing landing page. It should address customers issues and your solution. Make sure to add good “call to actions”.

So, if you’re a DIYer and you run into difficulty, you can chalk it up to child’s play. However, to help you make sense of pay per click ads, take the Google training courses and get good at setting up and running ads. Or better still, take the task off your plate and hire a professional to get better results with your hard earned money.